What Is Scribe

Scribe is an Electronic Transport Ticket Report system designed specifically for for non-emergency medical transports and wheelchair trips.

Similar to a trip ticket, it manages the trip and patient passenger information. It can also collect any Payor information which connects to the billing department.

Integrating with your billing system, Scribe makes it easier than ever to track trips and payments.

Who uses it?

Field employees, accounting departments, and billing departments.

How does it work?

Scribe uses CAD and billing APIs to import data collected in the field. There is an auto output form as PDF attaching to your CAD/billing system.

  • Customize fields on forms
  • Capture touch pad signatures in the field
  • Easily complete charts
  • Generate a PDF to a directory on your local network
  • Monitor crew compliance and billing import status via Analytic and Dashboard items
  • Display current day ticket status and open tickets by drivers

How does it help a company/organization?

Scribe helps you drastically improve your total collections rate --- meaning you get paid more quickly and on a regular basis. Without a tracking system, trips can slip through the cracks, not get recorded, and never be billed for.

What makes Scribe better than other EMS trip tracking software options?

But using software like Scribe in addition to EPCRs is great because it allows you to keep up with billing for your non-emergency transports --- making sure that nothing gets lost and your company gets paid.

How can I get a demo of Scribe?

If you’d like to schedule a demo of our Scribe software, fill out the form below. You’ll get a totally free, no-obligation one-on-one session one of our account managers. These initial sessions usually take about an hour.

Ready to give Scribe a try? Want to speak to us about how you can improve your efficiency?