Our Company

Who Is VLI Tech?

Our purpose is to service the Healthcare Industry with innovative technology solutions to optimize and integrate operation, billing and administrative data systems.

VLI’s operating philosophies center around three values:

  • 1. Adaptability
    • We can quickly adapt to change.
    • We can wear multiple hats.
    • We can learn new technology and techniques to achieve a goal or solve a problem.
  • 2. Humor
    • We have fun while we work, make witty jokes, and are not offended by little things.
  • 3. Follow Through
    • We strive to follow through on promises to each other and our customers.

VLI Tech, Inc. was established in 2011 as a mobile device app company and has grown to providing Software as a Service, Hosting, and IT Managed Services to our customers. We host both commercially available software owned by our customers, as well as our proprietary mobile applications for the Healthcare Industry.

Our software applications are designed for improving system performance monitoring and reporting by providing a mobile, cloud based platform for our customers. Our data integration and analytic services provide our customers with the multi-database integration they need, as well as provide operations with the data they need to make the best decisions. We specialize in streamlining and improving system efficiencies.

The addition of our cloud hosting and IT managed services division through an acquisition brings over two decades of experience to the Healthcare Industry that enables both small and large companies to outsource their IT infrastructure with a company that truly understands the unique needs of healthcare.

We have had a great response from the Emergency Medical Services Industry as our system has steadily grown in features and abilities. We have enjoyed our place in the marketplace as a disruptive influence on technology trends. Our willingness to embrace any data system that our customers use to operate their business and not restrict them to certain systems or convert them to a proprietary system of our design has given us an advantage over other potential competitors.

As we move forward we see that there is an increasing need to provide reliable IT hosting solutions to customers for the data systems they currently utilize. We are able to offer the industry specific knowledge they need to host their current systems or help them in a smooth progression from one system to another.

Our Leadership Team

Fred Wilkins
Phillip Villarreal
Sara Fitzsimmons
Erik Likeness