What Is Mobilis

Mobilis is a modern version of an in-vehicle Mobile Data Terminal. Integrating with Google Maps, it provides you with real-time views of your trips, and allows management to assign trips to employees who receive notifications within the smartphone (iOS or Android) app. Mobilis provides supplemental vehicle GPS tracking in lieu of vehicle AVL units. The simplicity and directness of the application makes Mobilis a great addition to your organization.

Mobilis Scenario

A call comes in, management will assign it to an employee, the employee will receive the notification on the app, and either acknowledge and accept, or decline the job.

During the route, they will check in at every point with timestamps. Step-by-step, you will see the exact location of the vehicle along the entire route. If it is an emergency call, a destination does not always populate. In that case, Mobilis will bring up the closest hospital --- or the crew can manually choose the destination as well. Mobilis eliminates the need for radio traffic and allows people to correspond through the app, so your staff will not have to constantly use the radio to communicate their whereabouts. Mobilis can be applied to both non-emergency and 911 trips.

Who uses Mobilis?

Field workers and management (MAVOs, EMTs, Paramedics, etc.).

How does it help a company/organization?

Mobillis connects with your organization’s CAD allowing your employees to save time and be more efficient with getting patients on the road.

It makes travel time shorter, offers the best routes, and allows for better communication --- reducing verbal radio traffic, missed unit status changes, and dispatch staffing needs. Mobilis makes it clear where each ambulance is, where each crew member is, and who is doing what.

The built-in comments feature it makes communication a lot easier. It almost eliminates the middleman, as the CAD is connected and goes straight to base where they will assign it to the crews. Mobilis increases timestamp accuracy and improves response times using modern technology.

How exactly does it work?

Mobilis works by using the CAD API to update timestamps.

What makes it any better than any other EMS software?

Compared to ZOLL, our closest competitor, our software is affordable and reliable. And it works. While our competition rarely ever updates their products, we continue with upgrades on a regular basis.

How can I get a demo of Mobilis?

If you’d like to schedule a demo of our Scribe software, fill out the form below. You’ll get a totally free, no-obligation one-on-one session one of our account managers. These initial sessions usually take about an hour.

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