Can I evaluate a product for free before purchasing it?

EMSAnyware Apps - Yes, after your setup fee is paid and you are deployed you can evaluate a product for the first 30 days of the contract term. We will not bill you for the first month of your contract. You may opt out of your agreement in writing during that first 30 day period without a commitment to complete your contract. The setup fees however are non-refundable.

How is the software distributed? Will I receive a CD-ROM or shrink-wrapped product?

VLI Tech, Inc. has adopted the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) model. Consequently, software is available only via HTTP download. VLI Tech, Inc. does not distribute any software on CD, DVD or as a shrink-wrapped product.

How much do VLI Tech, Inc. products cost?

Current pricing information is available from sales@vlitech.com. Our software pricing depends on information we must gather from you for number of runs, units in your fleet, etc. From time to time, VLI Tech, Inc. may run limited-time pricing offers on our website (www.VLI Tech, Inc.com) which may not reflect the pricing you see on a written proposal.

What training solutions are available?

VLI Tech, Inc. offers instructor-led training courses. Each course is delivered in our virtual classroom (via WebEx) either privately or publicly. Please visit the Training page for further details.

We also offer on-site training at a per day cost.

Does VLI Tech, Inc. offer any discounts?

We offer discounts to EMS Redline Group Members as well as quantity based pricing discounts. Our goal is to make awesome applications available at the best price, and to treat every customer equally.

Do you charge for custom analytics?

NO. With Vanguard, you are paying for a subscription analytic service. We will develop and add the analytics you request through our support system at support@vlitech.com.

Do you charge for software updates?

Our products continue to evolve via frequent and significant updates. If you're after new features, ever improving usability and the latest innovations in EMS. All current customer receive updates and feature additions automatically for the term of their service contract.

What kind of support do you offer?

For full support information, visit our support page.

Are there any applicable taxes?

VLI Tech, Inc. is a Texas-based company. As such, VLI Tech, Inc. must collect taxes from all Texas based customers.

Can I request a quote or invoice in a currency other than US Dollars?

The only supported currency currently is the US Dollars (USD).

How can I submit a purchase order (PO number)?

Submit the PO with your signed Service Order. VLI Tech, Inc. is happy to reference a PO number on a quote or invoice for your internal tracking and record keeping. However, we do not accept purchase orders as form of payment nor the terms and conditions commonly associated with purchase orders. Our payment terms are Net 0-day and we accept payment by bank transfer and credit card. Details can be found on the first page of a quote or invoice.

How can I pay for service?

You can pay by credit card, ACH or wire transfer. All accounts are set for auto debit on the payment schedule of your choice unless wire transfer or special arrangements are made.

How can I request a quote?

Requesting an obligation-free quote is easy! Just email us at sales@emsanyware.com. Only quotes submitted to you on our proposal form are considered valid.

What is the process for ordering VLI Tech, Inc. products?
  • We start with an on-line demo and Q&A session.
  • A written Proposal will be submitted.
  • Upon acceptance of proposal a Subscription Services Agreement, Service Order, Payment Authorization Form and a Pre-Implementation Profile will be sent for review and signing.
  • A Business Associate Agreement will be needed from your Company to us.
  • Upon receipt of you setup fees and deployment specialist will contact you and schedule deployment, data validation and training.
How are users counted in VLI Tech, Inc. licenses, as named or concurrent?
  • Vanguard - A user is by definition any account with the permission to log into the application. A named user with this permission is counted towards the user limit, when logged in to the application. Our licensing model is based on concurrent users.
  • Mobilis – Is licensed according to unique active unit count in your CAD for a given month. We do not license by physical vehicle or limit the number of instances of our Mobilis app for each unit. Using this model you could have 20 units active in the CAD during the month that are associated with 30 physical vehicles. You would be billed for 20 Mobilis Mobile Data Apps for the month. You could also have the app installed and active on a smartphone and a tablet on the same unit. You would only be charged for 1 unit in that situation. You can also choose to limit the Mobilis App to a set monthly number and the system will allow you to only activate that many units in Mobilis as any given time.
  • Scribe – Is not user based but billed on a preset per run amount at the end of each month.
  • Nexus – Is a site license for your company billed monthly based on the number of employees you have.
  • Secure Voice – Is billed per line being recorded or as a set monthly enterprise license.
Your SSA refers to the grant of publicity rights to VLI Tech, Inc. What does that mean?Can we change that?

VLI Tech, Inc. lists a small number of our customers on our website as examples of organizations using our software. All other disclosures about our customers (customer testimonials, case studies, etc.) are done so only after collaborating with and obtaining permission from our customers.

If you don't want us to mention your company name at all, just contact our Sales Team and we'lladd you to our list of companies requesting not to be party to any disclosures or forms ofpublicity (including our customer lists on our website).

Our legal department would like to make some changes to your End User Agreement. Is that ok?

No. Within VLI Tech, Inc.'s current price structure, we're unable to make any changes to our Subscription Service Agreement (SSA). If you consider our pricing model and the costs ofcreating and managing individual agreements with each of our customers, you can begin to understand our position. Maintaining a standard SSA with all of our customers allows us tofocus our resources on meeting our obligations under these agreements. Do keep in mind ofcourse that our SSA has been very carefully authored to be fair to both you and us. There maybe some issues that are not covered here or on the rest of this page. If so, please feel free to contact us.

Is your software open source?

No, VLI Tech, Inc. products are proprietary software applications.

Can you assist with on-site training, implementation and/or software customizations?

Yes, please call us for a customized quote.

Can I request a feature?

Certainly! Send your request to support@vlitech.com