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Cloud Hosting

Administrators, Operations Managers and IT Managers, are you dealing with:

  • Physical infrastructure limitations
  • Old and cumbersome hardware
  • Problems with software versions and upgrades
  • Lack of knowledge/expertise on servers
  • Database Management
  • Security Monitoring and Infrastructure
  • Errors with application specific resources (how to work with CAD & billing)
  • Hourglasses and spinning wheels when your staff should be working

Experiencing system performance degradation and lots of downtime?

Looking to save on your tech spending?

You might benefit from Cloud Hosting solutions from VLI Tech.

We’ll conduct a Needs Assessment on your operation via a questionnaire, phone interview and web meeting to evaluate your current system design and layout. This remote process is easy, we’ll just need a basic inventory of your internal system, an understanding of the layout, along with someone with admin access to work with us.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you have, or what’s running and what isn’t, we’ll help you make sense of it all.

Cloud Hosting from VLI Tech gives you:

  • Immediate access to software and hardware tools
  • Instant disaster recovery options
  • Access from any internet-enabled location
  • A more simplified business environment
  • Top level cyber security & monitoring
  • Less stress

So if you want to have fewer performance issues, immediate access to your data, system status and performance analytics info, consider a Cloud Hosting Needs Assessment.

You might just end up being more organized, gaining peace of mind, and earning even more trust and credibility with your customers.

How can I learn more about VLI Cloud Hosting?

If you’d like to schedule a demo of our Cloud Hosting, fill out the form below. You’ll get a totally free, no-obligation one-on-one session one of our account managers. These initial sessions usually take about an hour.

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